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So I started at a CrossFit gym a couple of weeks ago and man am I sore! It's such an intense workout and especially when you first get back into it, the toll it takes on your body is off the charts. Just getting through the workout is an accomplishment, and getting a good time isn't even on my mind right now.

The only thing that sucks about doing the workouts at the CrossFit box is that it's SO expensive to be a member there. It's about $200/mo and that's around 4x what it costs to be a member at a normal gym. I was considering actually picking up some equipment at so that I could still do those type of workouts, but not have to pay out the wazoo to do them. I'm not sure if I'll do that though just yet because I really do like the team atmosphere and coaches helping to motivate you.

Getting back into Crossfit

Current Time:
I'm starting to get back into CrossFit because I realize I really want to improve my strength while also maintaining my overall athletic fitness. I used to do CrossFit quite a bit back in law school, but lately I've done a lot more bodyweight and cardio conditioning stuff since moving out to Colorado (hence the background I chose for this site!). 

I'm about to move into a sweet apartment complex that has an excellent gym in it, so there's no more excuses. Let's see what happens!